The Sea in Theresienstadt republished

The Sea in Theresienstadt (Havet i Theresienstadt) was published in Denmark 2007 and in 2011 in France (Terezin Plage). It’s been sold out for two years in Danish bookstores, but in april 2013 Politiken Publishers are going to reissue the novel in Denmark with a new cover. Read about the novel here.

The novel was nominated for the Prix du Roman Fnac and shortlisted for the Prix ​​du Chapitre européen 2011.

At the publication, a former prisoner of Theresienstadt after reading the novel said:

It is so eminently amazing that a writer who didn’t experience it himself, has that empathy. This is how it was to be there.
– Ralph Oppenhejm, author, survivor of Theresienstadt 1943-45.


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