A fragile earthquake


Three months after his French wife’s cremated body was found in a summer cabin, Daniel Fischer wakes and discovers that all sounds in Copenhagen have disappeared. Things are not  where they were yesterday. The sun shines through windows it has never before shone through. On the streets there are no people, cars are abandoned on the roads, the town hall has collapsed. The strangest thing, however, is that a message arrives that his dead wife’s phone has been switched on in Paris.

On his old motorcycle, Daniel rides south through a surreal Europe. Extreme cloud formations come and go, flocks of people have hung out in the forests, Paris is under water, the rain is destroying the fences in the zoos, and the wild animals are roaming around.

Daniel reaches La Ciotat on the south coast of France, where his wife spent the summers of his childhood. Here he finds the first traces of her, and the quest leads him onto a claustrophobic journey, trying to understand what is reality and what is the illusion of hope. 

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